Liberty in San Diego


Jimmy Kennedy's Paris Inn souvenir photo frame, San Diego, California, c1942-1945.

Souvenir photo of USS LaVallette sailors on liberty at the Paris Inn in San Diego, c1942-45.

Can anyone name these 4  WWII USS LaVallette shipmates looking for love at the Paris Inn Dinner and Dance Club in San Diego, c1942-45?

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In “Spud Locker” Enroute Aitape Invasion

USS LaVallette shipmate, Aragona, in "spud locker" enroute Aitape Invasion, April 19, 1944

In this April 19, 1944 drawing, George captured his shipmate Aragona, calmly peeling potatoes while the USS LaVallette was heading  towards the Aitape Invasion along the coast of Papau New Guinea.  Aitape was recaptured from the Japanese and under US control just days after this sketch was made.

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Fred Lestle, Chief Boatswain’s Mate

Fred Lestle, Chief Boatswain's Mate on the USS LaVallette DD448, November 23, 1943

George wrote,  “A firm but fair “Boats”, Fred Lestle was an indespensable guide in turning green, farm and city boys, into fighting men.”

On the day this sketch was rendered, November 23, 1943, The USS LaVallette was located between the Marshall and Gilbert Islands.

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Captain Robert Taylor

Captain Robert Taylor of the USS LaVallette, South Pacific 1943

George wrote, “Captain Robert Taylor, our second skipper, commanded our ship through continued periods of great danger, earning the crew’s highest respect as our leader.”

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Fantail Movies

Fantail Movies on the USS LaVallette, July 26th, 1942

Shipmates watching fantail movies on the USS LaVallette, provided George with a still subject to sketch. Do you think George suspected that “20mm” films would someday be obsolete, as he included this detail in the description of the drawing?

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Crossing The Equator

The Royal Court of the USS LaVallette crossing the equator during WWII

Molly McGee is sitting front row center. George is dressed in white holding a paintbrush on the far right. His shirt reads Royal Censor, while the clergyman on the left appears to be exhibiting a Royal Crying Towel.

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Enter Pollywogs

Cover of the Radio Press News, Enter Polliwogs, USS LaVallette, March 15, 1944

Crossing the Equator initiation ceremonies provided a humorous outlet during World War II among the crew of the USS LaVallette. Pollywogs, or those who were crossing the line for the first time, were subject to all kinds of harassing and required to appear before King Neptune and the Royal Court. George remembers one crossing where he was the Royal Barber, applying creative license to his subjects.

WWII Crossing the equator Queen on the USS LaVallette.

The identity of the above crew member in the crossing the equator ceremony on the USS LaVallette (sometime between 1942 and 1945), has recently been revealed. Shipmate Robert E. Lynch claims it is “Houston.”

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Len Ennico 1943

Len Ennico 1943, "my good buddy", USS LaVallette, South Pacific

“At war there were no art supply stores.” George painted on cancelled charts and scrap paper, as evidenced in this 1943 portrait of his friend  Len Ennico. George always improvised….even after the war was over.

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Ashore Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, Philippine Islands

April 28, 1945  Ashore Olongapo Zambales, Luzon, Phillipine Islands

While ashore (slightly off limits), I sketched five year old “Anita Ragad”, the youngest of a family of eight whose living conditions, however clean, had not progressed much in over two centuries. Cooking was accomplished over an open fire on a large stone slab outside the thatched roof house. Running water is still a thing of the future. The only signs of the twentieth century were her cotton dress, metal containers, knives and the great city of Manila not many miles away.

Angela Revise was one of the few proud girls with shoes in Philippines since the beginning of the war.

A quick sketch of 5 year old Anita Ragad, or Ragate. Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, PI April 28, 1945

Angela Rives Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, Philippines April 28, 1945

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USS LaVallette shipmate "Jake", formally known as Theodore Coleman, January 31, 1944.

The USS LaVallette was sixty miles off the province of Baatan, Luzon Philippines, when this WWII sketch was made of Jake.

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