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Night Watch

USS LaVallette (DD448) Subic Bay, Luzon, Phillipine Islands, 1945

The nightly annoyances of Washing Machine Charlie (an enemy plane) caused unending interruptions of our sleep in Subic Bay.

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Damage from a Mine

USS LaVallette (DD448) Dry Docked in ARD 7. Subic Bay, Phillipine Islands April 2, 1945

The LaVallette was hit by a land-based controlled mine on February 14, 1945, which was D-1 day in taking Corregidor. When she was taken in for repairs, I climbed down a ladder to the bottom of the dry dock. I wanted to see the damage inflicted by the explosion and record it. The immensity of the ship that is never seen below the water line was mind boggling. The stench of death seemed everywhere.

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Rough Weather

USS LaVallette (DD448) West Coast of Luzon January 7, 1945

Seaman First Class Mario J. Zazetti.

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En Route to Luzon

USS LaVallette (DD448) January 7, 1945

Crewman sitting on an ammunitions container, cautiously relaxing, one hour after our planes shot down a Betty (enemy torpedo plane) off Mindoro, en-route to the Battle of Luzon.

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USS LaVallette (DD448) Off the coast of Panay, en route to Luzon, Phillipine Islands, January 6, 1945

Jim Ward (the lower figure) was killed on February 14, 1945, D-1 Day, while taking Corregidor.

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Pedro Autor

Pedro Autor on the fantail of USS LaVallette (DD448) Leyte Gulf, Samar, Philippine Islands, November 30, 1944

The land off Leyte Gulf had just been taken. As we stood by offshore, two young brothers in a canoe approached the LaVallette, asking for medical help. Permission was granted. While the injured boy was treated, his younger brother posed for this drawing on the fantail. This was our first contact with the liberated Filipinos of WWII. Knowing it was an historic moment, I asked Pedro to sign his name and address on the portrait. I often wonder how their lives played out.

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Ensign Paul Prosser

USS LaVallette (DD448), Marcus Island, September 1, 1943

PJP and CIC manned and ready! Ensign Paul Prosser.

0600, the morning after the Marcus Island attack of August 31, 1943. Almost 80% of Marcus Island was destroyed. We were still in enemy territory, but headed back to Pearl Harbor.

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Mailman "Dopey” Dupps

USS LaVallette (DD448) South Pacific, 1944

Best remembered for humor centered around his false teeth, Dupps was far from dopey. His advantage in age gave him plenty of street smarts.

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Burial At Sea

USS LaVallette (DD448) South Pacific, September 1943

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En Route to Fiji Islands

Back aft, USS LaVallette (DD448) September 15, 1943

Left Pearl Harbor this morning, bound for the Fiji Islands. 2030 pm

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