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Fantail Movies

Fantail Movies on the USS LaVallette, July 26th, 1942

Shipmates watching fantail movies on the USS LaVallette, provided George with a still subject to sketch. Do you think George suspected that “20mm” films would someday be obsolete, as he included this detail in the description of the drawing?

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USS LaVallette shipmate "Jake", formally known as Theodore Coleman, January 31, 1944.

The USS LaVallette was sixty miles off the province of Baatan, Luzon Philippines, when this WWII sketch was made of Jake.

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McClosky Reporting Bogy

George F. McClosky Gun #2 (5”) “reporting bogy” USS LaVallette DD448, January 7, 1945

When the US had air control, Eisenberg was relieved of his battle station in CIC (combat information center) on the USS LaVallette and able to sketch. Shipmate George McClosky reported an enemy plane just as this drawing was completed.

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Lt. Roth killed in the Battle of Rennell Island

Lt. Roth, killed in the Battle of Rennell Island while serving on the USS La Vallette. January 29, 1943

Friend and shipmate, Lt. Roth, was killed on January 29, 1943 in the Battle of Rennell Island while serving on the USS La Vallette.

Shortly after his death, George drew Roth’s portrait using a magnifying glass to enlarge a “thumbnail size photo” of his buddy. The last annotation in the lower right corner reads, “He got word his wife had a baby just before he was killed.”

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Primi from Luzon

"Primi" a friend and native of Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines. April 13, 1945

George and fellow shipmates befriended local Filipinos while the USS LaVallette was being overhauled in a US Navy floating dry dock in Subic Bay. “Primi” signed his name and home town to the bottom left hand side of his portrait. It appears to read P. Berzo, Banicain.

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Mess Hall Mess

Mess Hall mess on the USS LaVallette, 1943.

Rough seas on the USS LaVallette provided crew members with a different challenge, and a source of humor at best.

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Under Fire

Sketch under fire while aboard USS LaVallette off Corregidor, D-1 Day, February 13,1945

“Paratroopers to take Corregidor tomorrow D-Day.”

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Cliff Erickson

Cliff Erickson , South Pacific 1943

1943 pencil sketch of shipmate Cliff Erickson on board the WWII Destroyer, USS LaVallette.

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Marine Bath

"She is going to show us the official way to take a marine bath."

When water is scarce, an upturned helmet becomes a wash basin in the standard military “marine bath”. George’s cartoon was one of many humorous drawings he circulated among his shipmates while serving on board the USS LaVallette during WWII.

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Andy Durkin

Andy Durkin, USS LaVallette, May 27, 1943

Drawing of Andy Durkin, a sailor on the USS La Vallette DD448, scraping paint in the Captain’s emergency cabin.

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