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The Coral Snake

February 14, 1943 – New Hebrides Islands

Just looking at the beautiful shore invites a curiosity that all adventurers involuntarily pursue without caution. The heat of high noon was blistering as our motor barge neared the shore of the recreation grounds. We were only five minutes from the palm-studded beach, which was actually owned by the Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Company. Millions of manicured palm trees were grown in these tropics for their products. There were no wild animals of a threatening nature that lived here other than spiders, flies and lizards. Such an environment made living here a Paradise.
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In The Beginning

It was the most exciting period of my life. I joined the Navy following graduation from Massachusetts College of Art in 1942. The war was in full swing. Every young man wanted to be part of this high adventure. Most had no idea of the reality and surprise we would soon face.

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