Taking of Corregidor, February 14, 1945

February 14,1945  Battle of the Recapture of Corregidor, Philippines                                            "We are going in now...all the way...one YMS was sunk here a little while ago.  Fletcher made rescue through smoke screen. Hopewell hit on torpedo tubes here. Fletcher on bow. We are right in cross fire...that is between 16" 14" 6"...batteries on Corregidor Bataan. Cruisers firing on beach.Â

Valentine’s Day holds earnest memories for George S. Eisenberg and the crew of World War ll Destroyer, the USS LaVallette DD448.  On February 14, 1945 , the LaVallette  was hit by a mine at Mariveles Bay, Bataan, Philippines in the historic battle, The Taking of Corregidor. Seven crew members were killed and 24 were wounded.

George’s annotated cryptic sketches were rendered under fire, recording the sinking of minesweeper YMS-48 and coastal gunfire damaging the USS Fletcher and USS Hopewell.  The USS Radford and USS LaVallette were also disabled by mines in this landmark conflict.

February 14, 1945 Corregidor, Philippines                                                          "Going in very close to Corregidor. Japs shooting from caves all morning....mines sweeping this area. Still more...Montpelier + us..may fire now."


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