Washing Dress Blues

Washing "dress blues"on deck of the USS LaVallette, WWII.

There was always a “joker” who believed the “scuttlebutt” that our ship was scheduled to return to the States for a long overdue and well deserved rest. Washing “dress blues” at this time was the first signs of over zealous optimism.

Jack Wilkes was officially in charge of the ship’s laundry. If the “scuttlebutt” was true, our affable friend Jack, would have been busy day and night.

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9 Responses to Washing Dress Blues

  1. Tamara Farrick says:

    George: I love how you’ve captured this young guy’s optimism in washing his dress blues for a trip home!

  2. Jack Wilkes says:

    Yes Julie when we started to Frisco I was very busy and the ones wanting uniforms pressed was very free with their money.
    Happy Birthday George

  3. Wilda says:

    Hey Spunk! Birthday greetings. I love this smiling, happy painting.

    Birthday boy, maybe you can humor the detergent companies. Ask them if they would like to feature your painting in their detergent boxes. Perhaps we’ll get more husbands to load the washing machine (and know which button to push).

    Cheers and enjoy your birthday.

  4. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday, George! Your paintings are so vivid and tell such an interesting story. What a great use of color. Thank you for your service, too! <>

  5. sumitha says:

    Happy Bday!!! ….. Paintings have got such a nice feel to them…

  6. I would like to send you the very best wishes from Munich, Germany. Have a wonderful birthday!

  7. Shirleen says:

    Your paintings are more than just drawings…they capture emotion. This painting made me think of my son who died in the Navy. It is beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your talent. AND Thank you for your service to our great country. So many of us don’t understand what that was like, which makes it hard for us to appreciate all that was sacrificed for our freedom.

    Happy Birthday! And many more…..

  8. Jennie says:

    Dear George,

    Happy belated birthday !

    Your collection is an amazing addition to the real-time testimonials that promise to keep historical events alive for generations to come. Your stories, observations, drawings and photographs make me feel like I am in the Pacific theater with you. As with all great art, your work is transformative and infused with utter humanity. You have made a truly meaningful contribution to our understanding of a slice of life in WWII… Thanks for that.

    Looking forward to your 100th !

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