In “Spud Locker” Enroute Aitape Invasion

USS LaVallette shipmate, Aragona, in "spud locker" enroute Aitape Invasion, April 19, 1944

In this April 19, 1944 drawing, George captured his shipmate Aragona, calmly peeling potatoes while the USS LaVallette was heading  towards the Aitape Invasion along the coast of Papau New Guinea.  Aitape was recaptured from the Japanese and under US control just days after this sketch was made.

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2 Responses to In “Spud Locker” Enroute Aitape Invasion

  1. Neil Van Dyne says:

    The guy peeling the spuds was calm….How calm was the guy doing the drawing?
    That’s our George!

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