Ashore Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, Philippine Islands

April 28, 1945  Ashore Olongapo Zambales, Luzon, Phillipine Islands

While ashore (slightly off limits), I sketched five year old “Anita Ragad”, the youngest of a family of eight whose living conditions, however clean, had not progressed much in over two centuries. Cooking was accomplished over an open fire on a large stone slab outside the thatched roof house. Running water is still a thing of the future. The only signs of the twentieth century were her cotton dress, metal containers, knives and the great city of Manila not many miles away.

Angela Revise was one of the few proud girls with shoes in Philippines since the beginning of the war.

A quick sketch of 5 year old Anita Ragad, or Ragate. Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, PI April 28, 1945

Angela Rives Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, Philippines April 28, 1945

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7 Responses to Ashore Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, Philippine Islands

  1. Tamara Farrick says:

    George: I love how you mention people, even strangers, in your entries by name (ie. Anita Ragad, Angela Rives). It shows that you made a personal connection….now I know where your daughter gets it! Happy Birthday. XOXO Tamara

  2. Curvin O'Rielly says:

    Dear George,

    First and foremost, happy birthday wishes!

    Second, I’m so happy that you’ve been my “uncle” and friend the past ten years or so. When we’ve talked, the warmth of your personality has always come shining through and your stories have always been interesting.

    I remember, for example, visiting you and Gabrielle with Barbara one hot August day last summer. After lunch, we went up to your studio. The charcoal/pencil drawings hanging on the walls of your studio were amazing. So many simple yet powerful, even haunting images of men feeling the anxieties, boredom and loneliness of war at sea, as well as the frightening realities of it.

    Thanks for letting me see the work and thanks, too, for sharing your stories about your fascinating career!

    Also, thanks to your lovely family – Gabrielle, Julie and Joe – for assembling this website. It’s a keeper!

    With great affection,

  3. Cindy says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Eisenberg!
    Fulfilling a dream! I remember as a child hearing about your dream of organizing your drawings and writings from the war – and now with Julie’s help, it has happened! The pictures and the words express and encapture so much. The drawing of 5 year old Anita brings back warm memories from my childhood, of visiting in your studio.
    George, Gabriella, and Julie: May you continue to dream and to realize!
    With love from Israel, Cindy

  4. nl says:

    Dearest George, may you have the most wonderful birthday! I am sure you will, if this website is your birthday present. What a great talent, what a handsome boy you were! And, oh, what a wonderful family you have, they must love and cherish you so much to make such a thoughtful present!

    Best regards,

    Young stranger from Florence, Italy.

  5. Riri says:

    Dear Mr. George,

    🙂 all ur drawing, sketches and paintings are more than wonderful. They show how sensitive and great you are.

    I take this opportunity to wish u a very happy birthday =) =D

    Best regards,

  6. Amit says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Eisenberg!

    Thanks for recording your experiences in so many different ways, I just found your site and I can’t wait to learn more about the war through your shared perspective.

  7. Kaye says:

    Loving all the stories and art. Have a wonderful birthday!

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