Ashore Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, Philippine Islands

April 28, 1945  Ashore Olongapo Zambales, Luzon, Phillipine Islands

While ashore (slightly off limits), I sketched five year old “Anita Ragad”, the youngest of a family of eight whose living conditions, however clean, had not progressed much in over two centuries. Cooking was accomplished over an open fire on a large stone slab outside the thatched roof house. Running water is still a thing of the future. The only signs of the twentieth century were her cotton dress, metal containers, knives and the great city of Manila not many miles away.

Angela Revise was one of the few proud girls with shoes in Philippines since the beginning of the war.

A quick sketch of 5 year old Anita Ragad, or Ragate. Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, PI April 28, 1945

Angela Rives Olongapo Zambalas, Luzon, Philippines April 28, 1945

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