Liberty in San Diego


Jimmy Kennedy's Paris Inn souvenir photo frame, San Diego, California, c1942-1945.

Souvenir photo of USS LaVallette sailors on liberty at the Paris Inn in San Diego, c1942-45.

Can anyone name these 4  WWII USS LaVallette shipmates looking for love at the Paris Inn Dinner and Dance Club in San Diego, c1942-45?

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  1. Mary Clore says:

    It’s just so wonderful to see another photo of our uniformed men of WWII….I was looking through boxes of old photos and ran across a photo of my Dad and his 3 buddies in the same Paris Inn. How terrific it is to see another happy bunch of guys having a good time so many years ago. Sorry I can’t put names to the faces, but checked it against my picture for maybe some of the same guys. Good luck!

    • Julie says:

      Like you, I found this photo amidst my Dad’s WW2 memorabilia. Searching for more information on San Diego’s 1940s Paris Inn, I came across the same red photo cover on EBay. No doubt, many entertaining stories were born at the Paris Inn during the war.

  2. Lauren Schmidt says:

    I am the grandaughter of Dolf Prichard and I too have the souvenir photo from Jimmy Kennedys and so many other momentous from my grandfather’s life. It is crazy that all this things were kept for so long. My grandmother saved everything, after she passed my mother as well saved it all. She passed and now I have all this family history in my hands. I am not sure what to do with it. Should I save it for my daughters to find after I pass. They do not know my grand parents, it may just end up trashed. I wanted to give it all to my brother but he dosn’t have any chrildren.
    So wher dose all the history go? Maybe there is a way I can share it too. Lauren

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