GSE and Ensign CM Allen

George S. Eisenberg and Ensign CM Allen, USS LaVallette, October 1945

Friends and crew members, George S. Eisenberg and Ensign CM Allen, standing on the gangway of their ship, the “Dilly” or the “LaVaDilly”.

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  1. Carol Singer says:

    Dear Uncle George,
    We are all so thrilled to wish you the happiest Birthday ever. Ninety years is a life time of stories and you certainly have them all. We are so happy Julie and Aunt Gabriella shared your birthday celebration with all of us. If we were sitting in your kitchen having coffee and cake we would give you ninety big hugs and kisses.
    Hope you have a wonderful day, and many, many more Birthdays to come.
    All Our Love,
    Carol,Jerry,David,Russell,Allison,Doug and Sophia

  2. Lisa says:

    I wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY George!

    I hope this is the BEST one yet!!!


  3. Pat Wentland says:

    Happy Birthday George! I love your art work, has real feeling and character. My dad (also named George) turned 90 last fall. He has taken to writing about the war time. Thanks for all you did in service for this country. May you live the rest of your life in happiness.

  4. G.J.Peckham says:

    Happy 90th Birthday George!! Being both a photographer and artist myself, I really appreciate your wonderful work,especially under the conditions you produced them.
    The humor must have been great for your shipmates.A huge debt of gratitude goes out to all of you for your part in keeping both our countries free and safe for us to grow up in.

  5. Margot Janson says:

    I love this picture of my grandfather. Here is a letter to you Popi,
    Your patience and optimism always makes me feel good. Even though you are my grandfather I could talk to you and Oma about everything….even boys. You are like m second dad. Remember when my first dad had to go to Florida for a business trip and couldn’t make it back for the father daughter dance, you were there for me and dressed up as the artist Degas. I was one of your painted ballerinas. How could I ever forget dancing with a picture frame around my face, while you held a painters pallet made from newspaper and crayons. I love having special time with you and Oma. We always have one day during special time where everyone does something creative together and the master piece ends up hanging in the laundry room, also known as mom’s gallery. I love being creative and expressing myself with you Popi. I love you from the universe and back everyday and on your 90th birthday.

  6. A N-Uganda says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to you and thanks for being the inspiration to the many that you have been to.


  7. Lewis Chilton says:

    Dear Cousin George,

    I am most proud to be related to a true American hero and send belated warm wishes on your milestone birthday. How are we related, you ask? Well, our mothers were 1/2 sisters (my mother Minnie Plotnick Chilton and your mother Bessie Plotnick Eisenberg – same father, different mothers).

    I made an exciting breakthrough in our Plotnick ancestry, which I want to share with you first chance. Until then, Carla and I wish you and your family many years of good health and a world of happiness.

    Cousins Lew & Carla Chilton
    Northridge, California

  8. Marlena Abramowitz says:

    Dear Cousin George,

    Happy belated birthday!

    I have thoroughly been enjoying looking through this blog! Your artwork is truly incredible and it seems to have touched so many. I look forward to enjoying more of it!

    I am Irving Rottenberg’s granddaughter (Anna Plotnick’s son). I am excited to have recently gotten in contact with your family, and I certainly plan on sharing this amazing website with mine.

    Thank you for your vision and genuine inspiration.

    Best wishes,
    Marlena Abramowitz

  9. W. A. Chessman says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for your art work! I have the LaVallett picture my Dad brought home so many years ago hanging in my office. My Best To You! Bill Chessman

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