Under Fire

Sketch under fire while aboard USS LaVallette off Corregidor, D-1 Day, February 13,1945

“Paratroopers to take Corregidor tomorrow D-Day.”

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  1. Robert E. Lynch says:

    02/15/2011 Happy Birthday, George, and many happy returns of the day! It would have been most rewarding to have seen the paratroopers land on Corregidor, but as we all remember, we had a different date with destiny…. a meeting with the “mine”.
    I still recall that event. I was a pointer on the 40 mm gun. When I pushed the button to activate the 40 mm gun, we simultaneously hit the mine. WOW! I thought that I had caused the ship to explode. What a coincidence of timing, right?
    Again, Happy Birthday, and may your day be filled with all good things. My wife, Anita and I have really enjoyed your blog/blook. It is a splendid way to look back into all of our shared history, serving our country during a very challenging period.
    Robert E. Lynch, and wife, Anita L. Stempel-Lynch

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