Christmas 1943

Christmas on the USS LaVallette, South Pacific 1943

Santa finds his way into the USS LaVallette via the ship’s stack.

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  1. Penny and Neil Van Dyne says:

    Dearest George,
    This experience we call life has been more rewarding because the Eisenbergs have been part of it. You and your family have always been our personal “Santa Claus”. Your gift of friendship and kindness has filled our memories.
    We still laugh when we recall sitting on the floor of your apartment recording on reel to reel tape (you remember those don’t you?) with “sound effects provided by George.
    The many hours of talking and laughing…we were/are loquacious are we not!
    And then the children and their great respect and friendships that brought us even closer together.
    Now we come to celebrate your 90th birthday! May it bring you the joy and happiness you have shared with all who know and love you.
    Hugs and kisses
    The VD’s

  2. Lisa Van Dyne says:

    I never heard about those taping sessions before – what i remember is being a model for many of George’s projects – my personal favorite was seeing myself (then a little girl) all grown up and sexy as all get-outs next to Stewart who was some kind of Bond-esque character for a book, and I was the babe on the cover! That was something!

    I’m still waiting to look like that! lol :)!

    Love and laughter –


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