Captain Robert Taylor

Captain Robert Taylor of the USS LaVallette, South Pacific 1943

George wrote, “Captain Robert Taylor, our second skipper, commanded our ship through continued periods of great danger, earning the crew’s highest respect as our leader.”

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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    This wonderful drawing of my dad was discovered just by chance by my partner Mark. He actually found it on the internet on Veteran’s Day ! We then had the pleasure of meeting Gabby and George and we both listened in awe of George’s memories of him. I lost my dad when I was in my teens so I love learning new things about him. I do know he adored the Navy and served 33 years. He was extremely proud of commanding the USS Boston (the first guided missile cruiser) and did this from 1957- 1958. I remember being a young girl with my brother at the dedication and I think we were the only children on deck that day!
    Happy happy 90th George and we hope to share more memories with you both soon.
    Much Love
    Anne Taylor and Mark Jones

  2. eric Janson says:

    This drawing is a masterpiece, great job popi keep up the good work!

    -Love Eric

  3. Lynnet says:

    George, your drawings are absolutely fabulous! This one is my favorite. It looks like a photo, only better.
    It warms my heart to know you are still alive and well and still sharing love with your wife and child(or is it children?).
    Thank you for serving in the war. I am sure you made the experience better for those who served with you. You are obviously very dear.
    Many blessings,
    Lynnet McKenzie

  4. Russ says:

    WOW! As an amateure graphic artist myself, I MUST commend you on the use of soft light and shadow, and the realism of this work. My family is pretty much pervayors of Pacificism, but obviously much love was present during the battles for you to make such a thoughtful rendition of a fellow fighter. This is a greay way to honor a friend through the use of your own talent.

    Well done, Sir.

  5. KatieP says:

    Happy 90th birthday George. Although I don’t know you and only a fraction of your story, I hear you are a wonderful, loving, kind and brave man.

    Here’s to changing the world through love and may you have many many more birthdays to celebrate. xx

  6. Eva Morales says:

    This drawing is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it
    Happy birthday! Keep smiling and enjoying life

  7. Fabulous drawings!! Wishing you a very happy birthday.


  8. Nick Livsey says:

    What a fabulous drawing capturing (in his facial expressions) his responcibilities as ‘Captain’….. The UK/Europe and indeed the world, owe your generation a debt of gratitude that can never be fully paid back… Happy 90th Birthday! and thank you

  9. Bruce says:

    Great art work,Sir George,Happy birthday.
    May the grace of GOD continually undergird u.
    Thanks for your bravery and poise,for fighting for the freedom
    we able liberally to enjoy today.
    There is a saying,”if u dont stand for something,u will fall for anything”.
    Thanks for standing and being counted amoung HEROES,who have made
    a difference.
    Best wishes,

  10. Sherrie says:

    Your drawings are fabulous. Thanks for your service to our country and Happy Birthday!

  11. Blake says:

    Happy Birthday buddy. Keep going strong

  12. Genie Pizzo says:

    I know a little bit more about history now through your wonderful paintings and drawings. You have seen many changes through the years in our country.
    Congratulations to both you and your wife for enduring our country’s ups and downs with us.
    I’m sure I speak for many-we are so proud of you.
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Genie Pizzo

  13. Tim De los Reyes says:

    This drawing is so alive, it breathes far more than a photo ever could. Amazing work, sir!

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