Bernard Waller

Bernard Waller aboard USS LaVallette, January 7, 1945

Bernard Waller, one of the most articulate man aboard the USS La Vallette, was assigned to the ship’s galley because of his color.

Bernard Waller, Pearl Harbor, August 20 1943

Back of Bernard Waller postcard.

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5 Responses to Bernard Waller

  1. Julie Cummings says:

    Happy Birthday George!
    I love the fact that “color” belongs on your palette and not as a human distortion in your head or your heart, thank you for sharing that sentiment in this way. A true appreciation for mankind. Your paintings, diaries and photos are enchanting! What a treat to view them here.
    Much love,
    Julie Cummings

  2. Valorie Sheehan says:

    These chronicles – the diaries, the drawings and painting and photographs are extraordinary! – a labor of love, as is this amazing web site.
    90 years young – you wear it well, George. I wish you many more years of health, creativity, and love.
    All the best on your 90th birthday.
    love, Valorie Sheehan

  3. Happy 90th birthday, George! I’m thoroughly enjoying looking through your memories. How amazing to see how much things have changed in your lifetime. I’m grateful we don’t generally judge anyone by the color on the outside so much anymore. We’ve made great strides in so many ways.

    Many Blessings,

  4. Jack Wilkes says:

    Picture above with 5 sailors—Right to left John Brazzi,Conyon Tx.still living,John Oweary from Virginia.Died several years ago,man with Moustache,Charlie Stephens.He and his wife Julia Died several years ago.DO not recognise the other 2

  5. Jack Wilkes says:

    the name above is John Omeary

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