Drake in CIC

Drake in CIC, USS LaVallette (DD448), 1944

CIC (Combat Information Center) The brain of the ship, where we listened, watched, and acted.

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5 Responses to Drake in CIC

  1. Caryl Frankenberger says:

    Your work is so wonderful. You bring to life the people you paint and draw and I marvel at your talent. It is my great fortune to know Julie and, thus, you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and loads of fun looking at this site! Love, Caryl

  2. Karin B. says:

    I love this painting, and your work in general. I’m very impressed, George!

    I see in the comment above that it’s your b-day: Happy Birthday, George!!

  3. Rich says:

    Your diaries and drawings capture the essence of the people and places like only one who has ‘been there’ can. Thank you for rendering to us part of history in a very subtle yet poignant fashion. And most of all thank you for serving our country.
    Many blessing on your 90th birthday…

  4. KatieDyd says:

    Wow…. amazing work! Happy happy birthday Mr. George.

  5. Elias Gavrielatos says:

    Great diary Mr. George. Best wishes for your 90th birthday!!

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