Relaxing on Jacob Island

U.S.S. LaVallette DD448 Jacob Island, Marshall Islands, February 5, 1944

Relaxing in the midst of hostilities.

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11 Responses to Relaxing on Jacob Island

  1. Karin says:

    Happy Birthday, George!!

    • Fred Howes says:

      George I am a friend of Neil VanDyne and I do wish you a happy birthday. I too am a veteran of the WW2, but saw no combat. I enlisted in the Army Air Corps(now called Air Force) when i was 17, was trained as an airplane mechanic and spent time in the Occupation of Germany in 1945-1946. I am 84 so am only a youngster to you. May God bless you as he already has, I am sure. I loved your paintings and drawings. and George you have made your mark on your world, with your military service and art talent. Live Laugh and Love George and have a great 90th birthday. Fred Howes

  2. Lisa says:

    When things are going South around us,we always have the option to see beauty & peace….This is a truly beautiful painting. ♥

    XO, Lisa

  3. Lynnet says:

    That is a lovely thought– to relax even in the midst of hostilities.
    Happy birthday, George!

  4. Eva Morales says:

    I love your colours! Hope you keep doing this

  5. Kendra says:

    Happy Birthday, George!! I love your paintings and admire your talent.

  6. Laura says:

    It is a privilege to see things thru the eyes of a talented artist such as yourself. Thank you! Happy birthday, George!

  7. Hristo says:

    For me this painting is about putting things in perspective. The idea of relaxing in the midst of hostilities inspires me! Anyone who believes it impossible to take a moment to relax and appreciate beauty in the hurried world of today should look at this painting and ponder a little bit what was it like back then…
    Thank you,George! And Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday George:) You are a amazing artist! Cheers to anouther great year and Birthday. From a Canadian Girl !

  9. lorelei says:

    Your paintings and drawings are beautiful, I love your style. It’s really fascinating to be escorted through this time in history. thanks for sharing….Happy Happy Birthday Sailor! bless you, lorelei

  10. Steve Paul says:

    Respect and thanks for sharing. My grandfather was an Australian pilot in WW2 and I think it’s great to hear and see history. Happy late birtday from a friend of Alex Flynn.

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